How to Make Money with Blog for Beginners

In this video tutorial let’s talk about on how to make money with blog for beginners, this is not a direct making money on actual i will introduce the ways on making money in blogging, but in the future i will update this post on how in actual.

I will Introduce the advertising placement service like Chitika,, AdSense in this this series we focus on AdSense because AdSense is the best all

of them, so stay tune to Youtube Channel.

For beginners you can also make money in Youtube as a Youtube Partner, if you have an AdSense account already you can monetize you original video’s, what you will do is to link your Youtube account to adsense account and start making money on your video’s.

This video tutorial is part of the “Blogger Tutorial for Beginners” in my YouTube channel.

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Successfully making money with blog is a dream for every blogger’s, but this task is very challenging to your blogging career, this task need’s open your mind about marketing strategy on blogging and you hava a goal for your blog. Making money with blog is not quick rich this is take time month’s and year’s the secret of successfull on blog is Follow your Passion like in AdSense tag line, don’t just stay in blogging site only be a youtube partner too this can help making money on your original video’s.

And Also if you have a knowledge in making in Android Apps or iOS Apps, your be lucky you can make money on your apps via Admob, before you sign up in Admob, Adsense account is prerequisite, so get first the Adsense account before admob.




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