Here you can find the tools we use for our daily task.

One of the most aspects of communication is the ability to make call and receive calls, businesses can now use softphones to make outbound and inbound calls. Softphones is an excellent alternative to traditional hardphone telephony systems,  softphones  will install to your computer device and allow to make calls from your laptops, desktops, and mobile […]

If your business is located outside in the United States, you might wonder it is possible to get US phone number?  yes it’s possible via VOIP service like Twilio,  there a lot of VOIP service but in this tutorial will use Twilio.  As a business owner, having a US phone number is essential for reaching […]

I have business website using WordPress self hosted, once you publish blog in the web, you might notice your blog getting unrelated comments posting on your blog comment sections. it’s random spam comments posting from time to time. How important is to keep your WordPress site free from spam comments.  Not only do they clutter […]

Jquery is most popular JavaScript library in the world, most web developers used jquery in there development because it is easy for newbies, jquery have a lots function and effects like form validation, animation, image slider and popup div box. A web developer or designer we can apply this jquery effects very easy in our […]

In this email tutorial, i will share on how to connect your webmail to Gmail interface, if you business email is webmail only and your out of the budget to purchase Google Workspace for you email this tutorial is for you, you can use the Gmail interface send and received email from your webmail, will […]

Login is the one of the security in our website, it is a procedure to gain access in our web application gain access such as admin page, control page or profile page. Login almost requires username and password websites, desktop application and mobile application. Most popular website like an ecommerce or bank website, there login […]

Jquery is the most popular JavaScript library, and makes easy for our work web development projects, there have a lots of useful functions and tricks of Jquery such as form validation, onchange, click trigger and hiding the elements and especially in Ajax makes short and easy. I try pure Ajax before and the script is […]