Posting a Tweet on your Blogger blog post URL in your Twitter page mostly the primary image on your post will not show in twitter feed, it’s because the blogger template on your site has no twitter card snippet, mostly templates has not set for Twitter Card is free template. In this Blogger Tips ill […]

Robots.txt is important on every website or blog because this file will be submit on Google Webmaster tool, this process instruct the google web crawlers on how to index and crawl your website in the search results. Robots.txt is a text which contains few lines of syntax for web crawlers. It is saved on the […]

Google AdSense is the best making money in the internet, most website owners / Blogger’s dream of to approved their application, but some Blogger’s fail there AdSense application because they did not meet the requirements, their not patients, they rushing on signing up, if you signing up without meet the requirements you definitely fail.

In this video tutorial let’s talk about on how to make money with blog for beginners, this is not a direct making money on actual i will introduce the ways on making money in blogging, but in the future i will update this post on how in actual. I will Introduce the advertising placement service […]

Related posts with thumbnails in blog is very helpful, most blogs have related posts I should recommend to add it to your blogger blog. The Related posts most put at the end of the blog post, the user engage to this related post to your blog, they likely to click it and your blog gain […]

Blogger breadcrumbs is very useful in our blog, it’s very helpful to the users it shows where the users navigate in the blog or website, especially in ecommerce website, if your eCommerce site has lots of categories and sub categories breadcrumbs is very helpful, not only for eCommerce, breadcrumbs also useful for blog. The benefits […]

Blogger sitemap page is not available by default in the blogger admin panel at this time, maybe in the future or it is not available in the blogger widgets, to create a blogger sitemap page is to drop a little HTML code in the page, but don’t worry there have already HTML code below and […]