Login is the one of the security in our website, it is a procedure to gain access in our web application gain access such as admin page, control page or profile page. Login almost requires username and password websites, desktop application and mobile application. Most popular website like an ecommerce or bank website, there login […]

In the previous tutorial we created the How to export mysql to csv using php, and now as continue of this tutorial we create also on how to import csv to mysql. A table contains a listed of data and upload form, user can be able to upload the file, and also we create a […]

A comma separated value (CSV) is a common format for exporting and importing data from the mysql database and it is a widely supports of specific web and desktop application for exporting a bunch of data and exporting to the other application, and off course same table structure for not returning error for importing. In […]

In registration form mostly in web 2.0, email address is required to register for each user. In registration form we need to check email address from the database using Ajax to avoid the email duplicates, and the form tell the user the email inputted is exist and we need to change the email address. In […]

If you are beginner in PHP development, you might wondering how to delete rows of data triggered in check all and delete. We can do that with jquery to be able to click event all check boxes and process with php behind. In this web development tutorial we will show you, using PHP and jQuery […]